Our adventures at Internet World 2014!

Internet World is at the London Excel all this week and we went down to take a look at what new technology was breaking through that might help us with our own marketing! There were loads of businesses exhibiting wih some great ideas on what can be done with online marketing as well as a few that were selling 360 product photography studios!

We met some fantastic people while at the event who we would quite like to work with the first ones being WEB 3D who we find have a nice subtle cross over with ourselves in terms of what we do. Where as we concentrate on 360 product Photography Web 3D are more focused on 3D product photography so hopefully we will have chance to work withem in the future!

Another company that we met made Dan go a little bit starstruck! Yes even SpiceWorld were there and they were kind enough to give a full demo of their system and answer any lingering questions in a gathering crowds mind! They really were great people and they even invited us to a party that they were hosting but unfortunately we had to decline!

There were many interesting things at Internet World and Ant was caught red handed towards the end of the event watching something other than the exhibits.

Internet -world

All in all we had a great day and met some wonderful people who we will hopefully do business with at some point in the future!

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